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Rachael Ray Donates

10 Tons of Food To Four Legged Friends


Celebrity Chef Donates Rachael Ray Nutrish Treats To Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc.


When:             Friday, March 27th at 10:30AM


Where:           Sabbath Memorial Rescue Storage Center (5933 Ravenswood Road) *New address


What:             The economic downtown that started on Wall Street is beginning to take a serious toll on the backyard doghouse. Many apartment complex owners are no longer allowing dogs due to fear of increased “wear and tear” and in general many families no longer have the ability to provide for food, toys and costly medical bills. The result: an escalated amount of pet owners relinquishing their dogs to local shelters. Heartbroken by the thought of millions of animals taken in by these shelters, celebrity chef Rachael Ray will be donating dog food and treats from her new premium pet food line Rachael Ray Nutrish. This is on top of Rachael’s Rescue, through which all of Rachael’s proceeds from the dog food line sold in stores goes directly to no-kill animal shelters.



·         Animal rescue groups and shelters across the country have seen an increase in the number of pet owners forced to give up their dogs because of the ailing economy and a decrease in adoptions.

o   More than 32,000 dogs and cats end up in the Miami-Dade animal shelter each year.

·         Approximately 7 million dogs enter shelters each year across the nation.

·         Recently, Rachael’s Rescue donated $50,000 to North Shore Animal League, and there is much more to come.


Visual and Interview Opportunities:

·         Robbie Coy, founder of Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc., speaking about the donation and the importance of animal nutrition and having dogs on hand!

·         Volunteers unloading Rachael Ray Nutrish treats like Isaboo Booscotti.

·         This is in conjunction with a food-raiser campaign done by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition and pet author/ writer Nikki Moustaki, a Miami Beach resident and dog lover.

o   Who is available to come to the shelter for interviews, if requested.


In Cooperative with:

Matriarch Church Of The Divine Mother and Non Profit Corp.

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Sunshine All Breed Rescue, Inc


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 Please Make Your Donation Today...It's worse than urgent...It's a Matter of Life and Death!