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Animals deserve LIFE Ahimsa

Posted by Ana Mony on May 23, 2017 at 9:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Non violence is the only way we can find peace. Animals are an expression of the material Aspect of the Goddess. Mother Earth is within each living creator.

The way that humanity treats other living beings, specisism if you will, is pure cruelty. How can we breed so many animals, in an egotistical way, thinking we can choose how they present, their features, their mannerisms? Breeding so many that we murder millions??

And why do we eat the dead flesh of other poor creatures? How did humanity choose which animals to eat and which to love as pets?

Every creature with a beating heart, two eyes, and emotions deserves life. We all want to be happy. We all want love. We all want family. Who gave us the right to dominate?

Non-violent peace, no bloodshed is THE ONLY WAY we can find peace.

Let's get there.

I'm ready. 

Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc. Needs Your Help!

Posted by sabbathrescue on March 30, 2009 at 12:58 PM Comments comments (0)

Robbie Coy: 305-799-1567 Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc.

Dog's are being left behind by the hundreds each week! Sabbath Rescue cannot keep up with the constant rise of Dogs, and Cats being left behind in Foreclosures. Please Donate As Much As Possible...ASAP! It really is a matter of Life and Death!

Robbie Coy is feeding at least 200 Dogs on a daily basis, and houses hundreds more in his shelters. The cost is unimaginable, and it's only growing. If Everyone Donated $5.00 - $100 they could get a handle on the many homeless Dogs wandering the Miami neighborhoods.

The next time you see Robbie Coy in the street, make sure you stop and tell him "You" Appreciate his hard work, and enduring efforts! Call him now, and ask him how "You" can "Help" Him! 305-799 1567

Dire Situation: Miami...Soon To Be Public Burden
(Miami and All Surrounding Areas)

Things are critical now, Donations are the only way we'll survive this growing crisis in Miami, and surrounding areas.

Sabbath Memorial is a Diligent, Devoted Rescue Group who is extremely overwhelmed due to lack of funds. The Public's Help Is Desperately Needed...Now...

There are over 150 Dogs in the shelter, and Hundreds roaming the streets homeless. The crisis is just getting worse. Please Adopt Now or Donate!

Please, Please, Please Make a small Donation Now...whatever amount you could possibly afford.

It is the people who benefit from all the rescue efforts...Wait until you see what happens without them anymore.

We're literally Diving right into a Mad Max World more and more every day. People Need to Pay Attention here, and Donate Now! Through Small Donations, we can control the problem, and Keep Neighborhoods Safe!

Our Miami situation is absolutely dire, and the usual Donations are not usual anymore. Please everyone...We have to pick up the slack for these irresponsible people who just leave all their pets trapped inside foreclosures, and walk away. It's very sad that people are literally just turning the other way, as if the problem will go away. Many neighborhoods will be dealing with loose Dogs running free, and hungry. This is very dangerous for children playing outdoors. Should the public continue to ignore the situation...eventually it won't be safe to let your kids go outside, due to the over abundance of Dogs roaming free who are starving, and homeless. When it could have easily been avoided. I could List a Million reasons here Why You Should Donate Something Now.

We need 10,000 people to Donate $10.00 Every Year...
or 5000 People to Donate $20.00 Every Year...
or 2500 People to Donate $40.00 Every Year...This is our goal...

That would keep the Dogs off the street, and allow for them to be placed in homes. It's the people's call...which way would everyone like this to go?
Whether You Like Animals or Not...Do it For the Animals, the Children and safety, disease control, garbage containment, car accidents due to Dogs running in traffic...Do it for the Rescue people who Literally Sacrifice their lives to pick up the slack of all these irresponsible people who create this horror in the first place! it for whatever reason is good enough for you...but Do it because it's the it's the Right Thing To Do, it's Logical, and Sensible is absolutely the responsibility of EVERYONE. Ignore it...and Everyone pays the price.

Should you choose to turn the other way....then prepare for the worst that is yet to come.
Please, Please, Please Make a Donation Right Away...

Thank You For All Your Support!