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Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc.
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Be One of the Special Ones And Help Our Efforts thrive.

Insure the Shelters Ability to Help So Many Homeless Dogs.

We'll send you their photos, progress reports,

and updates on their quest for a "Forever" Home.

Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc.

*Are You Adopting a Dog from Afar? Can You Volunteer?
Yes I will Donate $40 Per Year
I Can Make A One Time Donation
I Can Make Monthly Donations
I Can Donate a Large Amount Of Money
I Can Donate A Large Property For Use Of The Shelter
I Can Volunteer 1-3 Days Per Week
I Can Volunteer Full Time
I Can Volunteer Part Time Evenings
I Can Volunteer Weekend Days
I Can Volunteer On The Computer: Running Ads/Obtaining Donations
I Can Be A Foster Home For A Few Dogs
I Can Be A Foster Home For Many Dogs
I Can Help With Vet Cost
I'm a Vet and Can Volunteer Services
I Can Donate Medicine, and Vet Care
I Can Donate Dog Food
I Can Sponsor Sabbath Memorial Dog Rescue Center, Inc.
I Can Provide Free Advertising
I Can Provide Donated Radio/TV Advertising
I Can Volunteer For Fund Raisers
I Will Send Friends To This Site To Help The Crisis

Adopting A Dog Near Or Far
I'm Adopting a Dog To Take Home
I'm Adopting a Dog From Afar
Click Here: If Taking Home A Dog: Complete Questionnaire Below: Check All That Apply
Quick Application To Adopt A Dog and Bring Them Home
I Currently Rent
I Own My Own Home
I have a Fenced Yard
I Have Other Animals, Cats, Birds, Hamsters, etc.
I want a Large Dog
I want a Medium size Dog
I want a Small Dog
I plan to stay Long Term where I Currently Live Now
I Do Not Plan to Stay where I currently Live Now
I have my Land Lords Name and Number to Contact Him/Her/Them
I have 3 Verifiable References
There are No Restrictions Where I Currently Rent
There Are Weight Restrictions on Pets where I live
My Family Size: 1-5 (2-3 Kids)
My Family Size: 5 or More
I have Never Been Turned In Or Arrested By an Animal Shelter/Police, etc
Someone Is Always Home during the Day, as well as Night time
Specifically an Adult Will Be Home During the Day, as well as Evening
I have Owned 1-5 Pets in the Past 5 years
I have Owned More than 5 Pets in the past 5 Years
I Currently Have 1-3 Dogs
1-3 Dogs with Cats
1-3 Dogs No Cats
3-5 Dogs With Cats
3-5 Dogs No Cats
I have Exotic Pets
I Keep My Animals INDOORS
I Keep My Animals OUTDOORS
All My Animals Are Spayed/Neutered?
Not Spayed or Neutered
Up To Date on Vaccines
I Buy Top Brand Dog Food
I use a Special Brand from My Vet
My Pet will Sleep with me
My Pet will Sleep in the Kitchen with a gate
I Take My Pets to the Vet for Flea and Tick Treatment
I will supply you with the Name, Number, and Address of My Vet
I have a 6 Foot Yard Fenced are for my pets
I have a 4 Foot Yard Fenced Area for my pets
I have a Dog Run Steel Fenced Area For my Pets
We like to keep our pets in the Air Conditioning
We would Never, and Have Never Abandoned a Pet Before
I'm Clicking this Acknowledging that I Have been Truthful, and will adhere to all Rules, and Laws Governing Animal Rights, Animal Abuse, and Animals Abandoned